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Websites with Stephanie Bach 


19 September 2016 / 6:00 PM / Whole Foods Meeting Room


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Business Focus: Search Engine Optimization for Websites by Stephanie Bach

We learned a TON of information from the amazing Stephanie Bach this month. I personally took four pages of notes and have been steadily working on my website ever since the meeting. My mind was seriously blown. After several days of going through my notes, I have narrowed down the recap into sixteen points. If you attended the meeting and see that something vital is missing from my notes… then comment below and I will add it.

1. Don’t talk only about yourself. Change the conversation. Talk about your customer. Your customers are always tuned to WIIFM : What is in it for me. They are looking for you in THEIR language.

2. Where else are they going? It’s good to know your competition. What languages or terms are already out there? Location is critical.

4. Search those keywords on Google, Bing, and yahoo. See what your competitors are doing and WHAT THEY ARE NOT.

5. Optimize your site with registering / indexing your website. Register your site with Google, yahoo, and Bing.

6. Third party sites. Update all the profiles on third party sites so that you have links to your website.

7. Optimize the pages on your website. It must have a page title or H1 tag. Can’t be “home” must be description. Different titles for each landing page.

8. Put in metadata. Google will kick you off if meta data is the same. Use keywords in meta data. Terms not sentence.


*Meta data  (In square space – you can define the meta data in pages edit section.)


9. Ad keyword density into the ___? Ideal keyword density is 3-sentences in a paragraph. 4-5 different keywords in those three sentences. Be concise in your wording.

10. Page properties is where you put the list of keywords.

11. Google looks at “who cares about you” not your platform. Don’t pay. Get the natural results first. The more traffic sites get – the higher the results on search engines.

12 What about optimizing etsy and other third party platforms? Can’t optimize etsy. Have a third party set.

13. What about refreshing data? How often? Be fresh. Have newer content

14. What the heck are tags? Tags ARE YOUR META DATA.

15. Picture alt fields in description. Description of the image & name of company = keywords.

16. What would the world be without you? They don’t care about how great your product is – they want to know why your product.


Upcoming Events:

We are attending the Business Boutique Conference in Nashville on November 4 & 5. Tickets are $50/person when we buy in a group of 10 or more. Contact Amanda if you wish to attend with the group and get your discounted rate.

You can register for Sally Hendrick’s Social Media Traffic School’s Workshop here. Workshop covers content strategy and targeted posting for social media. It is a MUST for small business owners who want to grow their presence online!

Next Meeting is Monday, October 17, 2016 at 6:00 PM at Whole Foods Meeting Room in Cool Springs. BJ O’Neal from WayFM will be talking about “Defining Your Purpose, In Your Business.”

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