Meet-Up Notes 06.06.16


There’s a first time for everything, right? 06/06

06 June 2016 / 5:00 PM / The Well Coffeehouse


Total #15

Attendees included 4 bloggers, 3 Coaches, 1 Photographer, 1 Fashion Stylist, 1 Baker, 1 Real Estate Agent, 2 MLMs, 1 Marketing Rep, 1 Pastry Chef, and 2 unknown.

Womenpreneurs of Nashville

Re-Cap of Discussion

  • Purpose of this group is to support, encourage, and share tips/tricks/secrets to success. We want to discuss common issues & find solutions. 
  • This is not just another networking group. We want it to be different.
  • The #1 need discussed during the introduction was help with marketing. Some mentioned finding trustworthy tips/advice for business.
  • Nashville is the #1 city for Women Entrepreneurs AND 2016 is the year Forbes expects Women to take the majority share of business ownership.
  • Mondays are the best day. We decided on third Monday of each month.
  • Meetings will begin at 6pm or later going forward. 5pm is too early.
  • Location will rotate until we find a central spot. Suggested spots are Nashville Software School & Lipscomb Spark Center.
Photo Credits: Charea Price Location Donation: The Well Coffeehouse, Nashville
Photo Credits: Charae Price
Location Donation: The Well Coffeehouse, Nashville

Business Tips Shared

  1. 65% of people who took the survey so far said they needed help with marketing & social media. So, we made it our first discussion topic!
  2. Amanda shared tips on social media scheduling:
    1. Pinterest Scheduling. TailWind or Board Booster
    2. Twitter Scheduling: Tweet Jukebox
    3. Newsletter: Mailchimp or Constant Contact
    4. Social Media Schedulers: Hootsuite or Buffer

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