The Power of an Email List: A Lesson by Alexis Teichmiller

20 February 2017 / 6:00 PM / Whole Foods Meeting Room



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February was an exciting month for the Nashville Womenpreneurs! We made some HUGE announcement including…

We are changing our name to

Society of Women Business Owners

AND…. a new chapter is forming in Atlanta, Georgia!

EEEEEEEK! Meagan and I are so pumped about where God is leading us these days. From starting our own blogs to leading a group of passionate business owners, our minds are overwhelmed with how fast God moves when we surrender our lives to Him. On top of all the exciting news at the last meeting, we had a night FULL of learning. Our very own, Alexis Teichmiller, told us that there is POWER in an email list for any business. Here are the notes from the February 20th Meet-Up:

Alexis Teichmiller has been an entrepreneur since she was 17 years old.

From starting AT Avenue at 17 years old to launching The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast, Alexis is a true entrepreneur. If you are not following her on social, then shame on you! This girl inspires others to pursue their passions while teaching them how to be successful online. Alexis is currently employed by an email marketing company named, ConvertKit. With all of her knowledge of owning a business, blogging, and podcasting, Alexis is now able to teach business owners how an email marketing campaign can be apart of a sales funnel and increase revenue streams.

Be the Authority.

Think about the people you follow or learn from. What gives them authority? What gives YOU authority? Experience, expertise, opinions, and a unique outlook give you the ability to sell something… which in return builds your authority in your industry.

The Problem with Social Media.

The biggest problem with social media is that you don’t own it. You can’t control the algorithms and they are constantly changing. Paying for ad space is essentially the same as you renting real estate property. Which means that you are investing in something that you never own. The unfortunate reality is that you only have a 1-3% chance that your target audience will see you on social media.

The good news is that you DO own your website, your blog, and your email list. Which is why…

Your Email List Matters!

Your email list gives you direct access to people that are interested in your content. When they opted in to your list, they gave you permission to get back in touch. Permission means you have control. Having control means that you can make some sales. AND. Sales mean you’re building loyalty. Now all you need to do is start converting.

Here is what an online sales funnel looks like:

Sales Funnel

4 Ways to Grow Your Business Online

  1. Get more people to visit your website
  2. Get more website visitors to convert to email subscribers
  3. Get more email subscribers to convert to customers
  4. Get more customers to refer new customers

Opt-In Incentives

The most common opt-in incentives are ebooks, guides, checklists, emailed courses, and other downloadable documents giving valuable information. All of these ideas give your potential customer a taste of your value. Your content should educate, entertain, and inspire. Incredible content will do all three.

7 Email Tips for Entrepreneurs:

  1. Consistency builds trust.
  2. Sell to the right people (target audience).
  3. Remember that they gave you permission.
  4. Don’t just send one email.
  5. Make your subscribers feel special.
  6. Be concise and direct. Tell your subscribers what you want.
  7. Test. Evaluate. Repeat.

Alexis gave us all a FREE month of ConvertKitClick here to sign up.

Learn more about the Society of Women Business Owners by visiting

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