How do you KNOW if you are an entrepreneur?

How do you KNOW if you have that entrepreneurial spirit? Here are some hints and tips on how to let your spirit animal run wild.

First of all, lets define what that even means. Per Google, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business, taking on greater than normal risks in order to do so. Notice this definition doesn’t say, “business owner.” However, we all know that a business owner is one example of an entrepreneur. The fact that you clicked this link and landed on this page tells me something. It tells me you’ve got the itch, the bug, the spinning wheels…[Read more]

Your Niche, defined.

Discover your niche market in five easy steps!

I crafted my niche several months prior to launching this blog. It took some brainstorming and mind-mapping to determine what my special place in the market would be, but once my niche was written down…. I knew exactly how I had to market my new business. Here is how I defined my niche market that ultimately lead to the launching of The Caffeinated Woman: I discovered a problem… or two. Over the last several years I noticed that many of[Read more]