FREE Interns for Your Small Business

One of the best things I did during the summer was work...

School is out for the summer. Now what? I smell internship! One of the best things I did as a kid during the summer was help my mom at the doctor’s office. She was the office manager at a large medical clinic and a pro at managing people. In fact, she could easily find something for a bored person to do. She made sure that I was never bored. I’m sure that is where my hustle was developed – THANKS[Read more]

Gain control of your business the successful way

Gain control of your business so that you can truly succeed.

I’ve decided that business owners are control freaks. THERE! I SAID IT! Having control over your business, however, is a GOOD thing. Your business is your baby, your pride and joy, your livelihood. If you do not have control, then you are bound to run into some unfortunate scenarios that lead you down an ugly path. I hate to say it, but lack of control results in employees stealing, customers taking advantage, and vendors overcharging. Here is the thing though…[Read more]

This is essential to being a great business owner

Accountability Partner

Hey Business Owner! You’re busy managing the books, your customers, your employees, your service/product… But who is managing YOU? Just like an employee, you can get distracted. Have you ever gone down a little rabbit trail only to find yourself completely off track, unfocused, and totally distracted from your agenda? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Someone wise once told me that even the most successful business leaders need an accountability partner. I’m not a full-time business owner[Read more]

6 Quick Ways to Block Distractions & get Crap DONE!

You don’t have to be Captain Obvious to know that business owners are pulled in a million directions. If you are a business owner, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Distractions are EVERYWHERE and you need systems in place to get and stay focused. Here are six tips that will help block distractions and keep you focused: Invest in a VOIP Phone System, such as Vonage Business. It is inexpensive and sounds legit! Voice Over IP provides you with[Read more]