How to be Successful & Keep God at the Forefront

How to be Successful & Keep God at the Forefront

Success is no longer defined by God’s standards. We live in a world where God and the idea of Faith are diminishing. The concept of “world peace” is, however, approaching faster than ever. You may think that such would be a matter of Christian Faith overtaking the World, but it isn’t. Society as a whole continues to focus on equilibrium by bringing any acceptance speech to the forefront. Love conquers all. Let’s not get my stance confused though. Yes, I believe in[Read more]

Taking out the trash made me a CFO

As a young employee who wanted to learn as much as possible, I never minded the extra projects that had nothing to do with my role. I’ve had some friends tell me that they would get frustrated if their boss asked them to do something that they were not hired to do. I honestly look at those situations as opportunities to learn more; opportunities to gain experience in something different. [Tweet “You have to be the “do girl” before you[Read more]

Perspective is everything.

To say that my life is simple would be totally absurd… so I’m not even going to try. Lets be real for a moment. I come from a broken family and explaining why my ex-half-sister-in-law on my Dad’s side attends my Mother’s holiday gatherings is complicated enough. I’m not going to sugar coat the complexity of my life because it has given me identity. You see… my past is far from perfect, but those imperfections of my past blessed me with knowledge, understanding, and[Read more]