How to be Successful & Keep God at the Forefront

How to be Successful & Keep God at the Forefront

Success is no longer defined by God’s standards. We live in a world where God and the idea of Faith are diminishing. The concept of “world peace” is, however, approaching faster than ever. You may think that such would be a matter of Christian Faith overtaking the World, but it isn’t. Society as a whole continues to focus on equilibrium by bringing any acceptance speech to the forefront. Love conquers all. Let’s not get my stance confused though. Yes, I believe in[Read more]

It’s about time for you to get on board

Okay, think back about 5 years ago… EVERY business was going “green.” Remember that? Did you ignore the trend? If so, then SHAME. ON. YOU! Because you’ve missed out on thousands of dollars in savings. AND I’m not just talking about paper savings… The benefit to running a “green” process goes beyond office supplies and taking care of the planet. Running a green business is running a LEAN business. It reduces your overhead by thousands each year. Sure, business leaders[Read more]


For those of you who followed along with my social media posts this week…THANK YOU!  I had to build up the anticipation for what I feel is a great new chapter in my life. (((It was really a marketing tactic to get you to click on this link!! AND IT WORKED!))) Many of you tried really hard to figure it out. You guys guessed everything between moving and being pregnant. I am happy to say that we are NOT moving[Read more]