It’s about time for you to get on board

Okay, think back about 5 years ago… EVERY business was going “green.” Remember that? Did you ignore the trend? If so, then SHAME. ON. YOU! Because you’ve missed out on thousands of dollars in savings. AND I’m not just talking about paper savings… The benefit to running a “green” process goes beyond office supplies and taking care of the planet. Running a green business is running a LEAN business. It reduces your overhead by thousands each year. Sure, business leaders[Read more]

Four Elements of Business

I’ve narrowed the idea of “business” down to four basic concepts that apply to EVERY business: 1. Service/Product : What is your special service or product that you offer to consumers? Is there a need for it? How great is that need? Is your product/service a short-term or long-term solution? Do you have competitors? These are questions that absolutely need answering before you invest a ton of time, money, and energy into a business. The livelihood of a business is based[Read more]