How to Create an Executive Summary in less than 10-Minutes

An EASY guide to writing an Executive Summary for your Marketing Plan

Most formal plans that are written and presented for an organization require an “Executive Summary” section at the very beginning. An executive summary is simply an overview of what the corresponding plan details below it. You can write the Executive Summary of your Marketing Plan in ten minutes or less with these eight simple steps! All you need to do is answer the following questions and then plug the answers into the paragraph I have drafted below. I’ve provided you with[Read more]

Your marketing isn’t working because you don’t have a plan

Every Small Business needs a WRITTEN Marketing Plan

If I ask you, “What is your marketing plan?” and you respond with, “I post on social media a few times per week and depend on customer referrals,” then I’m glad you stumbled upon this post.   Your marketing plan is NOT posting updates on social media. Social Media is an element in the online marketing channel of your marketing plan, but it is not your entire plan. A plan is just that… a PLAN to engage your business with[Read more]

Four Elements of Business

I’ve narrowed the idea of “business” down to four basic concepts that apply to EVERY business: 1. Service/Product : What is your special service or product that you offer to consumers? Is there a need for it? How great is that need? Is your product/service a short-term or long-term solution? Do you have competitors? These are questions that absolutely need answering before you invest a ton of time, money, and energy into a business. The livelihood of a business is based[Read more]

Is it a plan or a fairy-tale?

Did you have your entire life planned out by the time you were 18-years old? I sure did. I was going to get married at 22. Have my first child at 25. My second child around age 28. Start some type of business where I could work from home, raise children, support my husband’s dreams… all while becoming a millionaire. At age 45, my children would be out of the house and I would retire early so that I could[Read more]