Be a Proud Dreamer who turns the impossible into possible.

I’m a dreamer y’all. I fall asleep and dream Every. Single. Night. Sometimes I dream crazy stuff like solving murder mysteries (Thank you Netflix binges), buuttttttt MOST of the time I dream about work. I know that probably sounds boring to you, but it’s true. I love my work and my mind is clearly infatuated with it. In fact, sometimes my dreams are so vivid that I often question if I actually did the work or dreamed it. I find[Read more]

I’m grown up, but I’m not an astronaut.

What do you want to be when you grow up? That question was easy to answer at 10 years old. Teacher. Astronaut. Veterinarian. Princess! Fast forward to 28 years old…. I’m not a teacher. I’m not an astronaut. I’m not even a veterinarian. I might be a princess undercover, but my disguise is a Business Operations Manager for a Roofing Company……………………………?   When I tell people what I do to earn a living, they look at me with a confused[Read more]