A Bold Moment Worth Documenting. #coffeeshoplife

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Tonight I’m writing from a local coffee shop in Franklin, TN. The mocha lattes are the best here. AND so is the atmosphere. In fact… as I sit here in front of my laptop trying to find inspiration for my next free workshop… all I can do is watch and listen to the bold people in this place. Despite the media’s negative feed this morning…  I see SO much good. The people at Frothy Monkey on a Monday night: I’m[Read more]

5 Helpful Resources Specifically for Womenpreneurs

Kabbage is a funding source for entrepreneurs in America.

Around half of the population of the United States is female. At the same time, women account for less than 30 percent of business owners in the United States. That figure has climbed slowly from about 26 percent about 10 years ago. There may be several reasons why women don’t tend to become entrepreneurs as the same rate as men do. However, there are resources out there that women can use to start their own businesses. Resources for Female Entrepreneurs Business Funding[Read more]

Missed Connections

Our guest blogger, Meagan Newell, tells us how "missed connections" can limit our success when it comes to our business. Read more about how building authentic relationships helps you to gain more business.

I use coffee as an excuse to meet up with other entrepreneurs. People think I’m obsessed with coffee, but in reality… I just love the coffee date opportunity and building meaningful relationships. In a recent date with the one-and-only, Meagan Newell, I asked her WHY connecting with others is so important in life.  She told me some awesome, but strange analogy of an airplane and missing flights. The light bulb went off and I demanded that she tell YOU all[Read more]

Meetup Notes: Setting Goals that Matter

The notes from January's meeting are posted on the blog. If you missed this mastermind meeting, then you MUST check out Amanda's notes. We talked about setting REAL goals that are achievable, realistic, and hold great value for long-term success.

16 January 2017 / 6:00 PM / Whole Foods Meeting Room ATTENDEES Total #27 Re-Cap of Meeting Agenda Introduction & Define Purpose for Group  60-Second Pep Talk by Brittany Clark Attendees introduction  Setting Goals that Matter with Amanda Lairsey Are you a serious planner? By planner… I mean those of you cannot live your life without a plan! I’m one of those. The life of a planner is hard… BECAUSE… plans change.   I consider December to be planning month. It is[Read more]