5 Quick Ways to Improve your Marketing

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stupid expensive. I’ve discovered five quick ways to reach my audience through simple and inexpensive marketing strategies.

Lucky you!

I’ve shared them below. 🙂

There is no excuse here! These tips and tricks are CHEAP and EASY! You'll be saying #Winning after this!


Here are five quick ways to improve your marketing strategies today:

  1. Create video reviews and referrals from your recent customers because videos optimize better than anything else on the web these days. Your videos do not have to be fancy or professionally produced. Simply take a quality iphone video and post it to your social media pages. This will get your business noticed quicker than your competition. I promise! Tip: Keep the video under 30-seconds!
  2. Implement automatic feedback requests after your customer has purchased your product or service. This will help you find where your business needs improvement, it will tell the customer that their experience with your company matters, and it will help you to discover WHO you should be asking for an online review.  
  3. Write monthly newsletters because getting in your customer’s inbox keeps you top of mind for when they need you. The newsletter doesn’t have to be long or super detailed. Simply send out a few tips to brand yourself as the expert in your niche. I recommend writing several newsletters at once and schedule them for later dates. This is what I do every December (our slow season) for the roofing company. The first email takes a little time, but once your creative juices get flowing… you’ll be done before you know it!
  4. Run social media ads and target your ideal customer. This is a low cost way to brand your company in front of potential clients. We spend around $30.00 per month on Facebook ads and target people who have visited our website in the past.
  5. Run a few specials on Groupon, Living Social, and Angie’s List’s “Big Deal.” You may not make a ton of money with these options, but you’ll get the opportunity to get in front of NEW customers. New customers equal more referral power!

Have you found even more ways to effectively market your business on a slim budget? I would love to hear all about it! Comment below.

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