Your Niche, defined.

I crafted my niche several months prior to launching this blog. It took some brainstorming and mind-mapping to determine what my special place in the market would be, but once my niche was written down…. I knew exactly how I had to market my new business.

Here is how I defined my niche market that ultimately lead to the launching of The Caffeinated Woman:

Hey Entrepreneur... Defining your niche makes everything about your business easier!

I discovered a problem… or two.

Over the last several years I noticed that many of my friends attempted to start a business of their own. They either failed miserably or barely made enough money to eat. Running any business is hard, but launching a new business is even harder. You can’t just wake up and “go with it.” You need a thought-out plan with vision and direction. And THAT, my friend, is where entrepreneurs fail and that is a problem that needs to be solved.

Digging deeper into my analysis of this problem I decided that entrepreneurs get so excited that they don’t plan properly. They don’t discuss their ideas with people who are business-minded. They don’t test the market or define their audience. They don’t research their competitors enough. So… what ends up happening is that the entrepreneur makes mistakes and they get discouraged. Success looks farther away rather than closer.

I’ve seen MANY business owners learn by making mistakes. We all learn that way sometimes. But your business shouldn’t depend on mistakes to learn…. It needs guidance based on research and solid leadership.

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Second observation in the last several years: Christians run businesses, but often check their faith at the door when they walk into work. I don’t understand that concept, but I do understand that operating a business in a secular world is challenging. I also know that society very much wants faith and business to be kept separate. It is easier to conform to society rather than stand up against it.

As a Christian, I see a problem with this. First of all, I just can’t conform. I tried once. I failed. My love for God runs deep. It is radical. So much so that I can’t live without Him for one hour, much less 8-hours. He is coming with me to work every single day. He is my rock, my source of hope, my business partner. My faith is not something I practice in my spare time… my faith is apart of who I am. My identity and purpose is found through it. I’m not saying that in order to elevate myself above others. I’m saying that we have another problem that needs to be solved.

Is there a solution?

So… those analyses lead me to ask these questions: Where do my friends and other entrepreneurs get their leadership? Who is leading them to succeed? A business coach does that, but most entrepreneurs can’t afford a business coach. How is that problem being solved?

Then… Who is encouraging Christians to hold onto their faith when they walk into work? Who is reminding them that God is with you always? Who is holding them accountable for being faithful between 8-5? Who is instructing the Christian entrepreneurs to build their foundation of their business on the same foundation that they build their home?


I did some research. I discovered that there are MANY resources for entrepreneurs out there. SO many that it can be overwhelming. Between books, blogs, and podcasts… we’ve got information overload. I’m not sure how people decide which resources to follow.

I also discovered that there are very few resources that incorporate faith in building a business. There are some resources and they appear to be somewhat prominent in the market, which is AWESOME! We know that people of faith have higher standards and are usually more trustworthy. So, why wouldn’t an entrepreneur (Christian or not Christian) accept guidance from a person of faith? There is an unspoken standard of trustworthiness established there. It is no surprise that these resources are slightly more prominent than others.

Here is the thing though… Most of the leaders and resources in this area are older men. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! But where are my women? Where is their voice? Where is the younger generation of Christian leaders?

How will you solve it?

Hello. You found me.

I decided that I could be a vessel for God to solve these problems. I’m willing. I want to further His kingdom AND help entrepreneurs. But how?

What if I gave them FREE advice? A free guide to basic business procedures and principles. What if I offered coaching for an affordable price through e-courses and webinars? What if I reminded them that faith is the foundation for success in business?

Write it out.

My niche market is Christian women who are entrepreneurs at heart, but lack encouragement, direction, and leadership in the realm of business.

My mission (derived from my niche) is to empower entrepreneurs and raise strong business leaders who will keep their faith at the core of their business AND operate with confidence, knowledge, and understanding of common business practices while balancing the most important thing in life: relationships.

After writing my niche, my vision and mission became apparent. Those are all elements in a marketing plan… so, why not? Here are some tips to starting your marketing plan.

Your turn.

Okay, now you’ve got step-by-step instructions and an example of how to define your niche. SO… Go define it and share it with me! Comment your niche below. 🙂

Here are two questions to get you started:

What problem does your business solve?

What specific audience does your business aim to attract?

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