The Secrets to Better Bookkeeping

I’m pretty dang sure that your Certified Public Accountant is Santa Clause. I KNOW. You’re thinking that I’m a little crazy right now. You’re not the first, trust me. Let’s pretend for five minutes that your accountant is Santa, okay? That being the case… what if Santa had a look at your bookkeeping right now? Would he find a perfectly reconciled bank account and pretty financial reports? OR would he find a hot mess of back logged data that needs to be input into something more organized?


I’m just going to put this out there… Kids are not the only ones who have to be “good” throughout the year. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that several of my vendors are disorganized. They are asking ME (their client) for help in organizing their invoices. Talk about crazy… Anyway, we have just a few weeks left in the year and everyone’s schedules are insane. The last thing you really want to do is work on the books of your business. However… you may regret NOT having your books together after reading this blog post. #sorrynotsorry

You may be on Santa’s naughty list if…

You send out invoices on a word document

You keep up with your business income on an excel spreadsheet

You don’t pull financial reports each month

You allow your bookkeeper to do ALL the transactions

You have to ask your customer for a record of their payments to you

You do your bookkeeping once per year

You run your business and personal through the same account

You don’t understand how to read a Profit & Loss Statement

You refuse to operate with a monthly budget

You wait until the end of the year to determine if you’ve “made it”

You have no clue what “bookkeeping” really is

You don’t send customer’s statements each month

You don’t keep track of billable hours

You don’t tag expenses to jobs inside of your bookkeeping platform

You didn’t even know that there was a bookkeeping platform…

You avoid all bookkeeping work until the new year

You forget to send a customer an invoice until weeks later

You “forget” to pay your vendor’s bills because funds are low

Here is the thing… many of you are on Santa’s naughty list this year because you didn’t keep up with your bookkeeping the way you should. In fact, if you’re completely honest with yourself… you’ve avoided it like the plague. Some would say that bookkeeping is NOT fun (HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE!) and others would say it’s overwhelming. I get that.

Here is what NOT having good bookkeeping strategies in your business could do to you:

Cause a major loss at the end of the year

Force you to depend on debt

Keep you questioning if you are going to make it

Cause you to under pay the IRS… which leads to tax levies

[OR WORSE…] make you overpay the IRS

Cause your bookkeeper to rob you blind (this happened to my FIL)

Make your customers/clients think that you’re really not that professional

Make you hate your business because the money is too stressful

Charge way less than you’re actually worth

Lose control over your own business

Cause your business to fail

OUCH! Now do you see why I keep saying GOOD bookkeeping is so important???

I’ve met hundreds (maybe thousands at this point) of business owners who struggle with keeping up with their bookkeeping. I’ve also heard every excuse in the book. I GET IT Y’ALL, buttttttt will you take a minute to get me real fast? Your financial success depends on your financial foundation. I’m going to say that again. YOUR financial success depends on your financial foundation. Meaning… if you do not understand the basics of bookkeeping and you have zero strategy for how you will manage your earnings, then your business is doomed. Decisions are harder, cash flow planning is non-existent, budgeting is not accurate, and knowing IF you are “making it” is impossible to determine. I triple-dawg-dare you to call your CPA and see if they agree with me. 😀

So, what are you going to do about it?

Just bless your pea-pickin’ heart. It’s a good thing that the Lord made me with a soft spot for people like you. I’m hosting a FREE webinar next week that will teach you bookkeeping secrets from highly profitable small businesses. Yes, you read that correctly; It is free.

That is not the only thing I’m giving you for free though, babe. (Don’t you just hate it when strangers call you pet names?? I feel like sayin’, “You don’t know me!”) If you fill out the form below, then I will email you a FREE business workflow worksheet (say that three times real fast). You can utilize this worksheet as a mini checklist for managing your money. It will show you how the money should go in and out of the business. I utilize this checklist EVERY day at the construction company. In fact, I attribute our astronomical increase of revenue over the last three years to following this work flow. Anyway…

To find out more information on the FREE bookkeeping basics webinar, receive your FREE workflow worksheet, AND see if you are actually on Santa’s naughty list, signup here. I’ll send you a special email specific to this post!

Rooting for your success and teaching you to be FEARLESS,



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Give your business the gift of better bookkeeping. Not only will you gain financial success from having a solid foundation, but you'll see exactly where all the funds are going. The training is FREE... so why not?!
Give your business the gift of better bookkeeping. Not only will you gain financial success from having a solid foundation, but you'll see exactly where all the funds are going. The training is FREE... so why not?!

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