The Uncomfortable Newbie

Amanda Lairsey | The Caffeinated Woman writes on expanding your comfort zone. She says the only way to actually expand it is to step outside of it. Read more on the blog.

What happens to a fish out of water? It dies.   My grandmother took me fishing several times when I was a little girl. She taught me how to hook the worm, cast the reel, and wait patiently in silence until I felt a little “bobbing” of my rod. I remember the first time that I caught a fish… It was… emotional. I was so excited that I finally caught something! I remember jumping up and down while screaming, “I[Read more]

Be a Proud Dreamer who turns the impossible into possible.

I’m a dreamer y’all. I fall asleep and dream Every. Single. Night. Sometimes I dream crazy stuff like solving murder mysteries (Thank you Netflix binges), buuttttttt MOST of the time I dream about work. I know that probably sounds boring to you, but it’s true. I love my work and my mind is clearly infatuated with it. In fact, sometimes my dreams are so vivid that I often question if I actually did the work or dreamed it. I find[Read more]

What I learned in the 1st week of using Instagram Stories

So, what is up with this new Instagram Stories thing??? Read this article to learn more about how it effects your small business.

SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How was THAT for a social media bombshell?!?! Way to go Instagram AKA: Mr. Zuckerberg! I hope you don’t get sued.  Seriously though… could this not have been at a better time? Thank you Instagram (I think…). For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about… Instagram just launched their own version (basically identical version) of Snapchat. Snapchat is the app that everyone under the age of 35 is using to make those silly faces you’ve[Read more]

Your Niche, defined.

Discover your niche market in five easy steps!

I crafted my niche several months prior to launching this blog. It took some brainstorming and mind-mapping to determine what my special place in the market would be, but once my niche was written down…. I knew exactly how I had to market my new business. Here is how I defined my niche market that ultimately lead to the launching of The Caffeinated Woman: I discovered a problem… or two. Over the last several years I noticed that many of[Read more]