For those of you who followed along with my social media posts this week…THANK YOU!  I had to build up the anticipation for what I feel is a great new chapter in my life. (((It was really a marketing tactic to get you to click on this link!! AND IT WORKED!))) Many of you tried really hard to figure it out. You guys guessed everything between moving and being pregnant. I am happy to say that we are NOT moving[Read more]

I’m a D.I.C., okay?

Excellent communication skills are vital to your success. That could be success in your marriage or success in your career. The more you understand yourself, the more effectively you will interact with those around you. My husband and I often talk in “DISC” language around the house. In a recent heated discussion, my husband said “Your D is coming out right now.” Of course my response was, “Tell your C to calm down a little!“ Let me explain. Several years[Read more]

I can’t believe I just said, “I enjoy mornings…”

I despise mornings. Well, I did. Have you seen Tyler Perry’s movie called Madea’s Big Happy Family? Do you remember Byron’s crazy baby mama who constantly says, “BIIIYRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN”? Well that is what my alarm reminds me of every. single. morning. My phone is mean to me each morning because it wakes me up, but I quickly forgive it when I see those red notification dots. Within five minutes of waking up, I’m checking notifications and scrolling through feeds.  That is a common practice for many[Read more]

Is it a plan or a fairy-tale?

Did you have your entire life planned out by the time you were 18-years old? I sure did. I was going to get married at 22. Have my first child at 25. My second child around age 28. Start some type of business where I could work from home, raise children, support my husband’s dreams… all while becoming a millionaire. At age 45, my children would be out of the house and I would retire early so that I could[Read more]