A Business Without a Mission is Confused

A mission in a business gives direction and meaning. It helps entrepreneurs make purposeful decisions. With no mission... you'd be operating in the dark. A business without a mission is confused.

Have you ever done something that had no purpose or mission? Last week I went to the grocery store without a list or meal plan. All I knew was that we needed groceries. So, I walked up and down every aisle just adding stuff to my shopping cart. $200 later, I made it home with a bunch of random food items that couldn’t even make a decent meal. I found myself needing to make a second trip just to buy[Read more]

The holidays are here… HOW am I going to stay focused on my business????

Run your business AND get your shopping done this holiday season. HERE IS HOW!

Though I absolutely love this time of the year, I’m slightly anxious with the idea of staying focused and getting it all done WHILE launching my new business. You see, I struggle with the perfectionist syndrome. I want a perfect business, perfectly wrapped presents, and of course… a perfectly decorated vintage Christmas tree. All perfect. All in 4 weeks time.  Have I mentioned that I’m completely imperfect?  My struggle with perfectionism is just one way that I’m imperfect. I care[Read more]

The Challenge (#ExposedandCaffeinated)

I could feel the high levels of energy in the venue the minute I walked in. Excited women were everywhere! I kid you not when I say that every lady was chatting or laughing around me. Sweet smiles were filling the halls (and bathrooms) with more and more energy. We were all there with the same purpose: to be inspired. My inspiration started the moment I walked in and felt that energy.  I took a group of 25 Womenpreneurs to[Read more]

Gone to Pray.

We took a roadtrip to Pray, Montana. What we found there was a new level of authenticity and healing.

We drove up to what appeared to be an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere. Is this right? Is this REALLY the place? I pulled up the photo on our Airbnb app and compared all the details. Yes… this was it. We had arrived to our destination in Pray, Montana. Wow. My first reaction was stunned. Followed by fear, excitement, apprehension, adrenaline, and then tears; tears of joy. You see, I was intentional when I booked our anniversary trip this[Read more]