A Business Without a Mission is Confused

A mission in a business gives direction and meaning. It helps entrepreneurs make purposeful decisions. With no mission... you'd be operating in the dark. A business without a mission is confused.

Have you ever done something that had no purpose or mission? Last week I went to the grocery store without a list or meal plan. All I knew was that we needed groceries. So, I walked up and down every aisle just adding stuff to my shopping cart. $200 later, I made it home with a bunch of random food items that couldn’t even make a decent meal. I found myself needing to make a second trip just to buy[Read more]

Be a Proud Dreamer who turns the impossible into possible.

I’m a dreamer y’all. I fall asleep and dream Every. Single. Night. Sometimes I dream crazy stuff like solving murder mysteries (Thank you Netflix binges), buuttttttt MOST of the time I dream about work. I know that probably sounds boring to you, but it’s true. I love my work and my mind is clearly infatuated with it. In fact, sometimes my dreams are so vivid that I often question if I actually did the work or dreamed it. I find[Read more]

How To Plan Your Goals For The New Year

Today’s guest blogger is the beautiful Candy Calderon. Candy is a certified holistic nutritionist who is passionate about health and wellness. Not only is she a major influencer in the health space, but she is an expert at helping boss-ladies lead a healthy and happy life while doing what they love. So, it may be NO SURPRISE to you that I asked Candy to guest blog and whip us all into shape for the New Year. Brace yourself… Candy’s tips[Read more]

Stop “Checking the Box” this Holiday Season

Today’s guest blogger is the one and only, Jen Rudd. Jen is a business coach, consultant, mom, and very wise woman. When I asked Jen to write about how she balances her family, her business, and this crazy busy holiday season… she had no hesitations. From the first moment I read her draft up until the last minute of prepping graphics for this post, I have felt so much inspiration and determination to keep going for my dreams. I’m excited to share[Read more]