Be a Proud Dreamer who turns the impossible into possible.

I’m a dreamer y’all. I fall asleep and dream Every. Single. Night. Sometimes I dream crazy stuff like solving murder mysteries (Thank you Netflix binges), buuttttttt MOST of the time I dream about work. I know that probably sounds boring to you, but it’s true. I love my work and my mind is clearly infatuated with it. In fact, sometimes my dreams are so vivid that I often question if I actually did the work or dreamed it. I find[Read more]

How To Plan Your Goals For The New Year

Today’s guest blogger is the beautiful Candy Calderon. Candy is a certified holistic nutritionist who is passionate about health and wellness. Not only is she a major influencer in the health space, but she is an expert at helping boss-ladies lead a healthy and happy life while doing what they love. So, it may be NO SURPRISE to you that I asked Candy to guest blog and whip us all into shape for the New Year. Brace yourself… Candy’s tips[Read more]

Stress: The Life of an Entrepreneur

Stress: The Entrepreneur Life

When life hits a hard spot, it is really easy to operate in a funk that is the farthest from who you want to be. Stress has a weird way of bringing out the ugly. The worst part is… stress can come from every direction of life: work, home, health, and relationships. If you’ve got stress coming from those areas, then go grab yourself a large glass of water and a notebook. We are going to dig in and un-stress[Read more]

Tis the season of planner releases #myfavorite

A virtual calendar is only good if you use it WITH a planner. Get organized girlfriend! Here are my favorite planners that are available this year.

EEEEK!!!! I’m so excited for today! I finally get to switch to my NEW planner! I know this is going to sound crazy to those of you who do not enjoy planning, but I’ve been anticipating August 1st for a little over a month. Why??? Because my new planner is awesome and today is the first day in the book! Plus… I’m not going to lie – I have a crazy obsession with paper products: Wrapping paper, cards, planners,[Read more]