I’m a D.I.C., okay?

The DISC Test helped me to communicate better!
WHAT did you call me? #DISCproblems

Excellent communication skills are vital to your success. That could be success in your marriage or success in your career. The more you understand yourself, the more effectively you will interact with those around you.

My husband and I often talk in “DISC” language around the house. In a recent heated discussion, my husband said “Your D is coming out right now.” Of course my response was, “Tell your C to calm down a little!

The DISC personality test helped us communicate better!
The DISC personality test helped us communicate better!

Let me explain.

Several years ago my husband’s company hired a consultant to evaluate their staff’s personality. The purpose was to understand how to better communicate and ultimately build a stronger team. That consultant utilized the D.I.S.C. Personality Test to determine each employee’s personality. My husband came home a little excited that day and asked me to take the test. So, I did.

At some point in my life I heard “opposites attract.” Well, our D.I.S.C. personality results proved that concept to be true, but now I also understand why we butt heads so much! My husband, Justin, is a C.I. What does that mean? See the DISC meaning here..

I am a D.I.C. <- Yes, Justin and everyone else has fun picking on me for that. Here are my personality results.  You can see it in chart form here on my DISC Summary

Personality tests can be really fun and I highly recommend trying the FREE version of the D.I.S.C. Personality Test. The benefit to knowing your DISC profile is that you can understand how to better communicate with those around you. Over the years we’ve had our parents, friends, and new co-workers take the test.  They all love it!



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