online tools that will take your business to the next level

What is $17.00 per month to your business? Chump change, right? What if I told you that for $17.00 per month you could increase productivity, cut down working time, and keep your business top of mind for potential customers?? Say whaaa???? What if I told you that there are some FREE apps out there that will take your business to the next level??

Here are 8 MUST HAVE apps to make your business more amazing than what it already is:

Google Apps for Work : Google has thought of everything that you may possibly need for your business. By everything I mean calendars, email management, online file storage, chat software that creates searchable history in your email, document creation that allows you to share, collaborate, and edit in real-time wherever you are. Remember all those surveys I sent you? Yep. Google. How about Google Maps?? You can add your business to Google Maps and start fetching reviews from customers who navigate to your business! Go ahead… commit $8.00 per month to Google Apps for Business. It’s worth it. HINT: Use coupon code 697JF3EGQGW7WDH to get 20% off your first year’s subscription. 🙂 

RescueTime : I have a love-hate relationship with RescueTime. Mainly because it calls me out when I’m distracted… which is embarrassing, but totally needed. Yep… I’ve been caught scrolling through mindless feeds on Facebook during the day. BUT!!! Thankfully I get Rescued by a little pop-up after 10-minutes that says, “You’re distracted!” Oh! And those of you who LOVE school… you’ll love this app because it gives you a daily productivity score. I scored a 98% today! You can be rescued from mindless distractions for the low price of $9/month. There is a free version, but it doesn’t give you all the bells and whistles necessary to increase productivity. Reminder: Download the Chrome Extension!


Hootsuite : Hootsuite is my favorite social media scheduler. I mean… you know Christmas is coming again… why not go ahead and schedule your wishes for that day? Sweet! You can schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other popular socials. It is easy to use and gives great analytics. New to social media management? NO WORRIES because Hootsuite offers training classes all the time. Ohhhh and the best part is this social media scheduler is free. 🙂


MailChimp : Newsletters are everything in blogging, but how important are newsletters for Uncle John’s Plumbing shop, Aunt Lori’s local bistro, or Dad’s counseling program? Ehhhh ummmm… VERY important my dear. The purpose of an emailed newsletter is to keep your company and name top of mind. Not to mention… Newsletters will brand you as the expert and as the one who is always on top of their game. Wahoo! Look at you go!!! Whooaaaa… WAIT JUST A MINUTE. You could also email out coupons, special promotions, announcements, and greeting cards. The cost is ZERO DOLLARS.         Mind blown.


SumoMe : Cue up Kool & the Gang and play “Celebrate Good Times! Come On!” When I discovered SumoMe and all of it’s amazingness… I literally started celebrating around my office. Trust me… you will, too. SumoMe is a plugin, app, and software to help you grow your website traffic. It integrates with WordPress, Google Analytics, and almost every major email list management software (Such as MailChimp!). And guess what??? It is FREE, too. 


Canva : Okay, I’m really giving away all my secrets here. I use Canva to design all my digital elements for my website, social media, and newsletters. Shhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone that I’m really NO GOOD at this digitial design stuff. I’m just learning, but Canva has been there every step of the way. It is easy to use with plenty of template designs, stock photos, and cool font options. They make me look like a pro! The best part is… the basic level is FREE and it is enough to get you started. I upgraded to the $9.95/month version so that I could use my own fonts. Consistency is everything in branding, but you already knew that. Check out!


Meet-Up : Are you looking to join or create a networking group to help your business, but don’t know where to begin? Start with Meetup. When I co-launched Womenpreneurs|Girls #WhoRunTheWorld with my good friend, Meagan Newell, we used the Meet-Up App to get the word out. The hosting cost about $50, but you can become a member for FREE!


LastPass : How many passwords do you currently have? More than 20? I’ve got 6 email accounts, at least 10 social media accounts, 5 bank account logins, and the 7 passwords for the apps I’ve mentioned in this blogpost. It’s not safe to make all the passwords the same and who wants to go old school with paper, but …. just how do you remember all the different passwords??? EASY! You download LastPass, which is a password management software that can be set as a Google Chrome Extension to all your devices. This very secure app auto-fills your username and passwords to every site that you visit. Cost: Anywhere from FREE up to $25/year. 


Maybe you need to block distractions and get crap done? #productivityhacks



These apps made my life SO much easier!

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