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EEEEK!!!! I’m so excited for today! I finally get to switch to my NEW Ban.do planner! I know this is going to sound crazy to those of you who do not enjoy planning, but I’ve been anticipating August 1st for a little over a month. Why??? Because my new planner is awesome and today is the first day in the book! Plus…

A virtual calendar is only good if you use it WITH a planner. Get organized girlfriend! Here are my favorite planners that are available this year.

I’m not going to lie – I have a crazy obsession with paper products: Wrapping paper, cards, planners, notebooks, folders, cocktail napkins, sticky notes… all things paper. So, you can only imagine how I reacted to the moment when I opened my first Ban.do planner a couple of months ago. My mother can attest to my slightly embarrassing shrill of excitement that projected across the little

Palm Beach paper store the day that I found it. (Sorry for embarrassing you, Mom!)

Here is what my Ban.do planner looks like on the inside. HELLO AUGUST! Custom stickers and cute encouragement words included.
Here is what my Ban.do planner looks like on the inside. HELLO AUGUST! Custom stickers and cute encouragement words included.

You do not need to be an uber-planner to appreciate good paper products.

A planner is MORE than just a calendar. It is a task list with a daily, weekly, and monthly view of your life. When I’m planning a trip – I check my monthly view. When I’m planning a dinner with my girlfriends – I check my weekly view. When I wake up each morning – I check my daily task list.  A planner gives you the ability to keep up with important dates in your family plus it is a great way to remind of you of the less important, but slightly more fun, things that you CAN do with your family.

On your personal planner:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Important Bill Payment Dates
  • Kid’s Activities
  • Travel Plans
  • Date Night Plans
  • Concerts
  • TV Show Releases
  • Bible Study Meetings
  • Flea Market Dates (Hello Nashville Folks!)
  • Holiday Events in your local town  

Notice everything I put on this list and in this post is relative to my personal life. I have a separate planner for my work. YES, I utilize two planners everyday. I keep my work planner on my desk and my personal planner with me at all times. I try really hard to leave work AT WORK. That is very difficult when my work is about 20-feet from my bedroom. Two planners keeps the struggle down to a minimum. 

On your business planner:

  • Client Meetings
  • Mastermind Group Meetings
  • Tax Deadlines
  • Client Invoicing Days
  • Collection Reminders
  • Follow-Up Reminders
  • Client Birthdays or Anniversaries (to mail them a personal card)
  • Employee Birthdays and Work Anniversaries
  • Networking Events
  • Seminars for CEUs

The ugly truth about running a business: you are busy.

Every busy person needs a method to staying organized and I’m here to tell you that a handwritten planner is what you NEED for both your personal and business schedule. Let’s call this a WORK-LIFE balance hack, okay? I know what you are thinking… I was there once. I’m gonna go ahead and tell ya…. a virtual calendar and task list does not work. The busier you get, the more the virtual planner and task list fail. That is why I utilize BOTH. 

5 reasons to use a hand-written planner with your virtual calendar:

  1. Writing it down on your calendar forces you to do it. I’m a faster typist than I am hand-writer. That being said, when I write something down once… I really do not want to repeat it (FYI: there is no copy and paste for handwritten notes). What does that mean? It means I’m going to do everything on my handwritten task list so that I do not have to re-write it! #lazy #butgettingitdone
  2. You will use the handwritten calendar more. I put most items on both my written and virtual calendar, but I look at my written one more. Don’t you ever get tired of looking at your phone? I DO! Sometimes my eyes need a break from the computer screens. A nice paper planner keeps me focused and organized while offering a sweet computer break. I naturally gravitate towards written notes anyways.
  3. You remember it. Did your teacher ever make you write something over and over again? I remember writing the word “encyclopedia” about 100xs in elementary school. I was having a difficult time remembering how to spell the word, so my teacher forced me to write it down 100xs. Guess what I can spell really well? YEP. Hence, writing it down on paper creates a visual for your mind which in return helps you remember it.
  4. It is your easy “out” for things that are less productive. Writing it down as an appointment gives me an easy “out” when people ask me to do something that is not productive for my week. For example, I desire to be healthy. That includes being active. I have three weekly appointments for the gym on my personal calendar. When someone invites me to dinner on a Tuesday night, I can look at my calendar and see that I am exercising at 7pm. So… NOPE – I can’t do dinner because I have a prior engagement. This requires a little discipline, but I promise it is needed to create work-life balance.
  5. Viewing it is easier. As I mentioned before, I also put my important dates in my virtual calendar. I mainly do that for the pop-up notifications and reminders, but honestly viewing it on my phone is more difficult than viewing it on my handwritten planner.

Planner companies that I absolutely love: Ban.do, Rifle Paper Co., Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer.

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A virtual calendar without a planner is POINTLESS. Get organized girlfriend! The new agendas and planners are out on the market!

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