Is it a plan or a fairy-tale?

Did you have your entire life planned out by the time you were 18-years old? I sure did. I was going to get married at 22. Have my first child at 25. My second child around age 28. Start some type of business where I could work from home, raise children, support my husband’s dreams… all while becoming a millionaire. At age 45, my children would be out of the house and I would retire early so that I could travel the world with my husband. What a wonderful plan!!

Is it a plan or a fairy-tale?
Is it a plan or a fairy-tale?

But honestly… we should call that plan a fairy-tale.

I’m 28 years old. I do work from home, but not for myself. I’m not even close to being a millionaire. My husband and I both work around the clock to earn our living and we travel once per year to just get away from all of life’s busyness and spend quality time together. We have little-to-zero funds in our retirement accounts and our dog is the closest thing we have to a kid.

As a type D.I.C. personality with little S., (You can get your free DISC Personality Profile at Discovery Report), I find it difficult when plans do not pan-out. I frequently remind myself that the Lord has His own plan for my life and that it is probably a better plan. And for the record… His plan is clearly not on my same timeline.  However, life is pretty amazing even though it does NOT mirror my fairy-tale. Sure, I get my panties all in a wad when plans don’t work out, but by reminding myself that God’s purpose for my life is greater does help me calm down and regroup.

I have found that what is truly valuable in life is not tangible. God always surprises me with life lessons and that is one lesson that took me several years to learn. Love, relationships, joy, peace… those are the things in life that matter the most.

As we millennials say, the struggle is real. Only a few days after surrendering and reminding myself that God is in control of my life… I usually start planning my life out all over again to only end up at the same crossroad of disappointment and confusion. So… honestly it’s a repetitive struggle for me. I find myself constantly repenting from my sinful nature to take control. Am I the only one who battles with this cycle???

Do you plan everything?
A plan is great if you know that it won’t work out.

Remember when Jesus said, “Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” That concept is a little confusing until you study Jesus’ entire message. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out this blog to get a full understanding. 

Okay. Okay. The reason I brought that up is because I’m about to confuse you in the same way.

Your plan will not succeed, but you still need a plan.

God is in control. He is the master planner of your life. BUT you still need to make a plan in order to succeed. See what I did there? Are you totally confused?  If God has called you to be an entrepreneur or if He has called you to run a business of any type, then you must create a plan with the understanding that your plan will change one hundred times before you succeed. You never know what obstacles in life will be thrown at you and those obstacles will cause the plan to change. In order to conquer those obstacles, you must accept the obstacle and revise the plan. Remember… it is ultimately God’s plan. So, you’ve got to ask Him what the ultimate goals are for your life, for your company, and for your role in the company.

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A plan will give you the ability to focus. So many business owners, Christian or not, operate without ANY sense of direction. I think that is because they do not have a plan or a clear understanding of their goals.

MAKE A BUSINESS PLAN FOR YOUR COMPANY.  It is really simple. A business plan will force you to make goals. It will force you to figure out the general pathway to those goals. It will give you guidelines on how to operate in the direction of success.

Do you work for a company that doesn’t have a business plan? Create it for them. I’ll be honest… I’ve written three business plans so far in my life. All three of them were for someone else’s company. You do not have to own the business to write the plan. The plan will give you, as an employee, the ability to focus and succeed in your role. Your employer will greatly appreciate the effort and the company you work for will be more successful… thus giving you a greater sense of security for your future within the company.
So, maybe your plan is to make your fairy-tale become your reality. That is great! Just remember that it doesn’t happen without focus, determination, and flexibility. Maybe you’re like me and you need an entire life plan… (coming soon!)

Did your fairy-tale become a reality? What have been your biggest life lessons when it comes to planning? Comment below.

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