A bunch of misfits

I work with a bunch of misfits. For those of you who are new to my blog, you should know that my full time job is running the operations of a roofing company in West Palm Beach. I work remotely from my home in Tennessee most of the time, but every now and then I travel to Florida to work in the actual office. Last week was my week to be in the Florida office.

Misfits in good company.

A few of the managers, the owner, and myself went out for drinks after work one night. Inside and outside of work, we are all very close friends. We have been known to close down restaurants because we can spend hours laughing, debating, and digging deep into conversations. This particular night was no different.

Okay... iphones take good photos... EXCEPT when in sport's bar. This photo was taken in mid-legacy-conversation.
Okay… iphones take good photos… EXCEPT when in sport’s bar. This photo was taken in mid-legacy-conversation.

After two hours of sitting around a table at the local Duffy’s Sports Grill, I decided to get serious for a few minutes by asking my friends this question:  what legacy will you leave behind in the world?

I suppose this question came up because I’ve been thinking about it for myself over the last year. That question is what ultimately lead to this blog. In that moment at Duffy’s, I decided that I want to know my friends on a deeper level… to truly know their heart. I felt this question would open a door for that.

It totally did.

Everyone struggled with an immediate answer. Who can blame them? Identifying your own legacy is tough because it comes from a really deep place. Your legacy is more than your career, children, and lifetime earnings. Your legacy encompasses your mission, purpose, strengths, and attitude in life. It is what the people who interacted with you one time or multiple times would say about you after you’re gone; your children and strangers that noticed you from far away. It is what God will say about your life when you arrive to the pearly gates. Your legacy is the big picture of who you are in this world.

We went around the table and shared what we thought our strengths were and then everyone else chimed in with their thoughts. At one point we had out the Chinese calendar to help identify different types of strengths. We spent at least two hours discussing our past, our current desires, our God-given abilities… All the things that affect who we are. It was beautiful and authentic. I’m not sure any of us clearly defined our legacy, but we definitely attempted it.

A hospital for the brokenhearted 

As the five of us sat around the table sharing our endeavors… my boss (the owner and one of my closest friends) turned to me and said, “You know what Amanda… I just realized… We are a bunch of misfits. Our company is made up of damaged people.” In that moment my mind flashed back to a time when my old pastor in Georgia said, “The church is not a house for the saints, but rather a hospital for the brokenhearted.” Mike was saying that our company was basically the same thing. We have employed a lot of broken people. We all have deep rooted family issues, scars from past situations, and damaged feelings. All of that brokenness has made us mesh well. In fact, we are all each other’s closest friends. We empower one another to be the best version of ourselves. 

If I had to guess… I bet you would consider yourself a misfit, too. Broken, hurt, damaged, filled with scars… welcome to the club of misfits! Here is the thing though, my friend. Whether you realize it or not… You’re leaving a legacy. The real question is… What legacy do you want to leave? You can take all the brokenness from your past and make something beautiful from it or you can let it define you. 

Our purpose is greater than self-fulfillment.

I firmly believe that our difficult pasts can be used as a step to get up. We can put the crap, the pain, the turmoil … All the negativity underneath us. We can use the negative experiences to grow ourselves and empower those around us. Instead of letting it hold you back… Why not let it empower you to make good in the world? I firmly believe that our purpose is greater than self-fulfillment. When we look beyond ourselves… we see opportunity; opportunity to change the world around us.

This past Sunday, my pastor taught us that perseverance produces character.  He said that people who persevere can fight and get through the tough times. Persevering through suffering makes character and people of character are who you want working for you.

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Be vulnerable. Make Good.

Find a support group; a group of people that can support and empower YOU. Just like my coworkers and friends in South Florida, you can find broken people that can relate to you. I promise. How do I know? Everyone around you is broken in some way. The thing is… You just need to be open and vulnerable so that they can do the same with you.

OWR is made up of a bunch of misfits... that is why it is awesome!

ONEWAY ROOFING is ran by a bunch of misfits. We are misfits that love hard. We love each other, our employees, our customers, our vendors, and everyone we interact with. Obviously, we can’t forget the crap from our past, but we can use it to be better people; to be authentic people who love deeply.

This is a business blog, right? Riiiiight. What is the most important part of building a business? #relationships 

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  1. Love getting your emails and reading your blogs. You really know how to make others stop and think. Thank you! Can’t wait for you to come visit back home in GA! ???

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