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Hey Business Owner! You’re busy managing the books, your customers, your employees, your service/product… But who is managing YOU?

Every Business Owner needs an Accountability Partner

Just like an employee, you can get distracted. Have you ever gone down a little rabbit trail only to find yourself completely off track, unfocused, and totally distracted from your agenda? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Someone wise once told me that even the most successful business leaders need an accountability partner. I’m not a full-time business owner (YET!), but I am the one who holds my boss at the roofing company accountable. I secretly keep his task list on the flip side of my own. I follow-up with him on certain projects, check his calendar regularly, and often ask what has been added to his “to do” list.

Believe it or not, the idea of holding my boss accountable has resulted in a more focused and successful atmosphere. He appreciates it!Every Business Owner needs this

I realize that you are concerned about the overall success AND the small details of the operation. Every employee, every customer, every vendor, every referral source, every marketing company… they all want just five minutes of your time. If you divided your day into 5-minute segments and met with each person who asked for your valuable time, then guess what you would accomplish at the end of the day? NOTHING. You would be acting as a people-pleaser rather than a leader.

Every Business Owner needs an accountability partner.

Notice, I didn’t say “business partner.” A business partner is just another owner who also needs an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who has your company’s best interest in mind while you share with them your business strategies, goals, and project task list. They regularly meet with you to stay up to date on the business and can remind you of your priorities when you have tough decisions to make. They routinely ask you what steps you’ve taken to achieve your goals. They are sometimes brutally honest about your distractions, but offer you a sense of “tough love”. Your success is at the root of their every thought.

There are many avenues to gaining an accountability partner. You can hire a business consultant, schedule regular meetings with a life coach, or find another business owner to share in this role. If you go with the other business owner, then please make sure they are not your competitor. 😉 
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