The mistake you didn’t know I made

Y’all are funny! Often times you guys joke with me about drinking coffee or being hyped on caffeine. I love it! Obviously, I named my blog “The Caffeinated Woman.” The name was in fact inspired by coffee, but maybe not for the same reasons you may assume. In fact, my answer may surprise you…

Why I named my blog "The Caffeinated Woman"


I think it’s time I tell you why I named my blog The Caffeinated Woman.

I had the idea of starting a blog back in January. I didn’t officially launch or announce my new venture until May. I am a perfectionist at most things… Especially things that my name gets tied to. That being said, I wanted my blog site to be perfect. Perfect for me, but really perfect for YOU. So I did research on blogging from January until March.

Three months, reeeaaalllllly?

See… I had a TON to learn (still do). My background is all things legal and accounting. Zero creative stuff other than party planning. I enjoy creative outlets but I really never messed with the digital creative world until I decided to launch this blog. Website platforms, hosting options, theme customization, digital photos, typography, email management systems, forms, plugins, widgets, SEO, keywords… I had to learn all of that plus create my content for the blog itself. After three months of research, I felt ready to start working on the website. So, I purchased my domain to start building the website.

The mistake you didn’t know I made

My first domain purchase was “” If you know me at all, then you know that name fits me well. I love to meet up for coffee and I’ve been wearing Chanel Coco Mademoiselle since I turned 18 years old (my husband purchased my first bottle of Chanel for me and I fell in love with him and the smell).  

I was so excited that this domain was available! I felt that it was cute and the perfect name for my premise at the time: to tell women that they could be a tough business woman while looking cute and building relationships over coffee. I started working really REALLY hard on developing the site. In fact, I spent hours on hours every single day for over a month building this website. Hours and hours and hours and hours and more hours. So much time.

Then… I had a thought.

A thought that came directly from my legal background; a thought that shut everything down immediately.

Chanel is/was the name of my favorite perfume. That name is trademarked… therefore… I could not utilize the name Chanel. That would be infringement. Holy <insert poop emoji right hurrr>. What have I done???? How embarrassing. 

One Step Forward, Three Steps Backwards

All of this presented an even bigger problem…

The teasers to my secret launch were already in motion. People already knew that I had a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming on May 6th. The legal side of my brain decided to start working on May 3rd. How convenient.

I immediately felt stupid for even thinking of the cutesy name, angry at myself for not thinking of this issue sooner, worried that I might lose all my hard work, and overwhelmed because I knew I had to start over. I had a panic attack on May 3rd.

Have you ever been through this particular cycle of feelings before: stupid, angry, worried, overwhelmed, and then anxious? How did you handle it? Comment below. I need a stress response strategy. 

Remember when I said that I’m a perfectionist? Stubborn might be the better word choice here, but I refused to launch an incorrect domain that could possibly cost me an infringement suit later down the road. I also refused to cancel my launch. I don’t back out of plans; At least not without a major fight.

What does caffeine even mean?

I stayed up all night on May 3rd brainstorming a new name. I was stuck on the idea of caffeine (I associate coffee with relationships…). My husband is very creative and intelligent in all areas of his life, but when it comes to wording things… He is brilliant. If I need a crafty blog title – I ask him. So… I kept him up half that night brainstorming new name ideas. Bless his heart! I think he got 4-hours of sleep that night. We couldn’t come up with a name before he dozed off, but he did say something to me that shifted my perspective tremendously.

He said a little something like this: “What does caffeine mean? Why do you think people drink it? It’s more than a cup of coffee or tea. People drink caffeine to boost their energy levels and help get through the day. It is more than just enjoying a drink, Amanda. Having some caffeine means they are hustling and working really hard/long hours to achieve something.

Hmmmmmmmm good point husband, but what does that have to do with my name?

After he went to sleep I started writing down my purpose of the blog again. I wrote:

Help others grow their business

Inspire business owners

Offer a platform for discussion

Pour out “my” super-natural energy and love onto others.

Build strong and authentic relationships

Lead people to know and follow Christ

Remind Christians that God didn’t give them a talent so that they would solely make money. He gave them the talent so that they could interact with others, build relationships, and lead others to know Him.

I wrote that list and thought about what my husband said before he went to sleep. Then I grabbed a cup of coffee because it was 5:00 a.m. on May 4th.

I don’t drink THAT much coffee

I may look and act like I’m perked up on coffee all the time, but I promise… I’m not. I drink 1-2 cups per day. That’s all I can handle, but I will admit that use coffee as an excuse to hang out. I love people and I looooooove to spend time with others. This is me in a nutshell: Oh! There is a 45-minute wait for a table at 55 South Restaurant… GREAT! That means I get 45-more minutes to hang before we chow down on some goodness. YAY!

Let’s be real. I don’t need an energy boost because I have a crazy amount of natural energy in my body. Most mornings I wake up thinking a million miles per minute, start running stir-crazy with excitement to get to whatever just popped in my head, and I do all that while smiling. I’m ready to GO after I realize my eyes are open. Crazy huh?

What if I could share my energy and love with others?

Smiling is contagious, right? Is energy contagious? If  business owners had a way to hype their business, then wouldn’t they be more successful? Businesses can’t drink coffee… but they need caffeine sometimes. What if I were their caffeine?

I wrote this down:

A woman who is contagious

A woman who is caffeine

Woman with caffeine

The Caffeinated Woman

All that being said… I didn’t name my blog “The Caffeinated Woman” because I love coffee. I wanted a name that had a dual meaning and stood out. I wanted people to associate my blog with hype, friendships, and love. My new hashtag is #caffeinateyourbusiness for those of you wanting to track my story on social media.

The rest of this long story is history. I spent the entire next day and night rebuilding a new website. The Lord supplied me with even more energy to get through those long days. I launched on time and felt 100% confident about the name of my new venture.

Forgive and rebuild.

I made an embarrassing mistake at the beginning. I really didn’t want you to know about it, but then I thought… If I told you would it help you in some way?

If you made a mistake, then first forgive yourself. Everyone messes up. I know I mess up a lot. Some mistakes are bigger than others, but they still hurt our egos the same amount.

Fix it. Don’t give up!!! I could have thrown up my hands and walked away from this blog on May 3rd.  Instead, I fixed it. I resorted to working harder and pushing through the pain. I’m glad I did. My life has exploded with good, more love, opportunities, and so much more joy. I’m building new friendships left and right. People are emailing and messaging me non-stop about how my blog is encouraging them. Allllllllll of that is worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

Grab the anointing oil because I’m about to get super spiritual on you

The enemy did NOT want this blog to happen. In fact, he tried to destroy it twice in the first four months. He didn’t win. That is a story for another day. The point is…

He will never win.

This blog is my voice. Natasha from Maryland reach out to me via email the other day. I don’t know Natasha personally, but she found me through my online “Womenpreneurs” group. After a few emails back and forth, I felt the need to pray over Natasha. So, I did. How would I have had that opportunity had the enemy succeeded at destroying my blog?

I want my voice to represent Christ. I’m going to use my talents and abilities as subjects/tools for making money but the real purpose… Is Him.

When we commit our lives Christ, we have a much deeper reason for living. Everything we submit our time and energy into is for Him. Or at least it should be.

This blog. My coffee dates. My job at OWR. All of it has a higher and greater purpose.

The Lord gave you talents and abilities. You’re probably using those to some capacity, but are you using them for your greater purpose?


The mistake you didn't know I made.

8 thoughts on “The mistake you didn’t know I made

  1. So inspiring and yes life is full of trials but we can never give up on our hopes and dreams! God is definitely in the details!! Keep the faith!! Love your posts!!!

  2. This blog post is perfect for me. I have been wanting to start my blog for a long time. Today I finally got to the point of re-selecting my name and I’ve hit a wall. So I stopped, gave thanks for where I am at, went for a walk and prayed for my name. Now I kid you not, but the word coffee hit me and I put it aside since I didn’t get it. Now I sit down at my computer again and I trip over your blog. We need to talk!!!!

    1. Theresa, my friend!!! WOW! I love it. Thank you for stopping in and commenting. He is a God of amazing, isn’t He? Let’s definitely talk! Email me some times that work for you between now and Friday. I’ll be on a cruise with my Mama next week and I want to talk with you before I leave. 🙂

      1. Hi Amanda, I got lost in the cyber undergrowth. Lol. WOW has it really been three months since I commented? I finally started noticing some notifications coming through from your blog. All i remembered was that I said we need to talk in my comment. I finally opened up the Exposed post. What? I thought about what I would do IF I participated. But then your more recent posts came through. Okay, THAT was an answer to a whispered, ie mumbled, prayer. The more beseeching one kind of went like, ‘Well you know I need LOTS of help but I can only do one thing at a time. Bring to me what I need when I need it. I’ll keep turning up and I aint got nowhere else to go’. So bookkeeping it is, eh? Lets get that done!

        BTW. I got a name for my blog. two days later.

        1. Theresa! I’m finally finding some time to catch up on all the comments. Thank you for sharing and stopping by. I just checked out your page and HEART-EYES for days, girlfriend! I love it! I’ll be following you for sure!!!!! I just subscribed. Merry Christmas Theresa! <3

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