It’s about time for you to get on board

Okay, think back about 5 years ago… EVERY business was going “green.” Remember that? Did you ignore the trend? If so, then SHAME. ON. YOU! Because you’ve missed out on thousands of dollars in savings.

Vintage is cool, but only when it saves you money.
Vintage is cool, but only when it saves you money.

AND I’m not just talking about paper savings…

The benefit to running a “green” process goes beyond office supplies and taking care of the planet. Running a green business is running a LEAN business. It reduces your overhead by thousands each year. Sure, business leaders care about the environment … but not nearly as much as they care about the bottom line.

Here are 6 reasons your business should be GREEN:

  1. Green is faster. Technology has us operating at the speed of light. Getting a proposal to your customer via email is 1000xs faster than sending it snail-mail. The sooner your customer has your information in-hand, the sooner they are ready to transact. Impress your customers by getting it done quickly. They’ll love you for it.
  2. Green saves you time. And we all know that time is money. Let’s compare filing out a form/application on the computer to filing it out in a PDF program (Such as the Adobe). Sure, you may be a “hunt and peck” typer, but even that is faster than hand-writing. Most likely you received the form via email (((cuz that is how EVERY other person in the world does it))). You can either type it up right there on the attachment or do the old school way: print, hand write, scan, save, and email. or even worse… snail-mail it.
  3. Green is cleaner. Let’s be honest… the idea of a hand-written document is sweet (I’m honestly a sucker for handwritten stuff), but that’s not practical or professional for your business. Typed letters. documents, forms, and notes are easier to read. Our minds are naturally attracted to clean lines and designs. Be attractive… for your customers’ sake. 😉
  4. Green reduces office supplies. I’m pretty sure this one is obvious, but just in case you didn’t know… going green means less paper, less toner for your printer, less ink for your pen, less stamps, less envelopes, and less trash to take out.
  5. Green increases productivity. With all the extra time you’ll be saving, you can get more done! Hello productivity and welcome revenue!
  6. Green is efficient. Efficient is defined as achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. If going green saves you time, cuts cost, and improves your process… then it is efficient. Be efficient.
  7. Green is the way of the world. Don’t be left behind.
  8. Green is CHEAPER. Lets do the math:

$70/toner X 4 toners X 2 per year = $560.00 savings

$48/box of copy paper X 4 per year = $192.00 savings

$15/box of pens X 2 per year = $30.00 savings

$.46/stamp X 5 stamps per day X 5 working days X 52 weeks in a year = $598.00 savings

$35/box of #10 envelopes X 2 per year = $70.00 savings

$14/box of file folders (for all the paper you’re storing) X 2 per year = $28.00 savings

$15/hour wage X 2 hours saved per day X 5 working days X 52 weeks in a year = $7800 per employee savings

$100 profit/job X 5 more jobs sold due to efficiency/productivity X 52 weeks = $26,000 in additional revenue per year


Wouldn’t you like to add THAT to your bottom line?

Whether you want to admit it or not, technology makes us better. Both the customer and your business want you to be technology driven. After hearing how much money you’d save and knowing that your customers WANT IT… why would you not?

Be a great businesswoman. GO GREEN!

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