A letter to all my friends

I give up. Failure. Those are two words that I’ve said to myself over the past few weeks. Let’s be honest… Running a business isn’t just one project but rather one-hundred projects leading to one idea. It can be hard sometimes. I haven’t really given up on anything, but sometimes when the crap hits the fan and all the crazy breaks lose… I get overwhelmed. My natural reaction is to just throw up my hands and walk away, but the determination deep within my soul refuses to actually do that.

I’ve never been one to just give-up, but I entertain that idea a lot. I’m pretty sure that walking away from all this mess would be WAY easier than all that I’m doing right now. How do I know this? Let me respond with… Did you see my last Rescue Time report? I logged 57-hours of productive “computer time.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a ton until you know it was in a 4-day work week and it doesn’t include laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, or doing the dishes. No complaints here! I’m just sharing the facts.

So, why am I telling you my struggles? Because I want you to know that you’re not the only one wrestling with the balance of life and running your own business. I’m right here with you, friend!!! AND I want to encourage you to keep on going! Good things happen to those who persevere and work hard. PROMISE.

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Trust me when I say that I do not have it all figured out for myself. I’m learning along the way and you’ll have to do the same. However, I have found a few reasons to keep working hard at my business. I thought I should share them with you as a little encouragement and reminder to never give up.

Here are some reasons to keep working hard and NOT give up at launching/running your own business:

  1. The harder you work, the more you accomplish.
  2. Your family needs an example of perseverance.
  3. The tougher it is now, the more rewarding it is at the end.
  4. You’ve already invested a ton of time, energy, and love.
  5. Getting past this hurdle means you can get past the next.

Giving up sounds like failure to me.

I know that is not always true, but honestly that statement is what motivates me the most. So, when the above mentioned reasons do not motivate me to keep going… I end up with “well you don’t want to fail… so keep going!”. Some may call that ambition or a competitive nature, but I call that operating out of pure fear. Fear to fail. Fear to disappoint. Fear to not move forward with the plan. Fear that I may not accomplish what God has so clearly called me to do. All that fear pushes me to keep going; to keep trying.

Now here is another reality…

Failure happens. TO ALL OF US! Including yours truly.

Failure hurts. It’s ugly. No one likes it. Maybe that is why I fear it so much? BUT honestly, I think we need to change our perspective on the subject.. What if failure is just God’s way of molding us? What if our failed plans meant that God’s plans are succeeding? In fact, what if you and I need to fail at several things before we know how to succeed?

I know it sounds like I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth right now by saying, “Don’t give up!” and then also saying, “You may fail!” in the same post. It is really simple and those ideas coincide. Here is how:

Even though you fail at something… keep going. Don’t give up. I failed to make a blog post last week, but that doesn’t mean I need to give up on blogging. You and I simply need to take what we learned from our failures and apply it to our futures. That is what it truly means to never give up.

We are in this together, friend. Take a deep breath. Stay encouraged. I promise: YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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6 thoughts on “A letter to all my friends

    1. Yes, giving up is the easier thing to do. Persevering through it is the hardest, but pays off the most. Thanks for stopping in Lucie! I’ll check out your blog next!

    1. Don’t give up, Nicole! We are in this together girlfriend. You can get through whatever it is. I know it is hard, but you’ll come out stronger and wiser. Sending some prayers your way! Love, Amanda

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