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For those of you who followed along with my social media posts this week…THANK YOU!  I had to build up the anticipation for what I feel is a great new chapter in my life. (((It was really a marketing tactic to get you to click on this link!! AND IT WORKED!))) Many of you tried really hard to figure it out. You guys guessed everything between moving and being pregnant. I am happy to say that we are NOT moving and we are certainly not pregnant. I know that starting a blog may not be a huge deal to most people, but this blog is ONE step towards a bigger dream of mine.

Remember my twitter hint this week? Most of you thought B was for baby. But... NOPE!
Remember my twitter hint this week? Most of you thought B was for baby. But… NOPE!

For those of you who already have a blog… let me say KUDDOS to you! I didn’t realize how difficult and cumbersome the process was until I started doing it myself. AND I have a serious new appreciation for web designers.

Okay… so WHY DID I START THIS BLOG? For the last three years I’ve been living in an amazing city: Nashville. This city is like no-other. The people of Nashville are hopeful, friendly, encouraging, genuine… it is southern-hospitality at its finest. Everyone has a talent and they have some crazy-unbreakable ambition that is, honestly, contagious. For the first year I felt a little out of place… as if I didn’t belong in this city because I had nothing to contribute to the music industry. Nashville is seriously the music hub of America, BUT did you know that there are OTHER industries here, too???? Yeah… it took me a while to figure that out. I’m not the only tone-deaf, non-musically talented person in this city after all.

Talk about talent! My husband's first time on tv was back when "flat screen" tv meant something totally different.
Talk about talent! My husband’s first time on the local news was back when “flat screen” TV meant something totally different. #braggingrights because #wifey

I’m married to a super-talented man. My husband, Justin, is a radio DJ, drummer, singer, saxophone player, beat-boxer, impressionist, softball guru, and as of late…the best bargain shopper I know. God gave my husband all those talents, but what did He give me? For years I felt a little shafted… as if God didn’t give me any talents of my own. Sure, I’m a business woman… but I studied business in college and many people go to college.

Over the last few years…  it became apparent that my talent may look different.  This realization happened at a job interview in 2013. I was new to Nashville and Scott, a local business coach, specialized in hiring and restructuring talent for major corporations. Like any other business coach, he had me take a personality test. According to Scott… I was “off the charts” in all sections of his exam… meaning that I had equally high scores in all personality and behavioral categories. Apparently that is a rare find in his industry.

I had just left the roofing company because of the move from Florida to Tennessee and after seeing my results, Scott began pursuing me to work for his company. At the time I knew working for him was not what God intended

Here are my test results from Cultural Index. It is a little difficult to understand without proper training, but the analysis done in this test is spot on with other personality tests. You can see my "DISC" Personality Results in my blog titled, "I'm a D.I.C., okay?"
Here are my test results from Cultural Index. It is a little difficult to understand without proper training, but the analysis done in this test is spot on with other personality tests. You can see my “DISC” Personality Results in my blog titled, “I’m a D.I.C., okay?”

and sure enough… the roofing company hired me back on to work remotely. I didn’t commit to working for Scott’s organization, but I did have him consult with the owners of the roofing company. I sat in on a conference call with Scott and my two bosses. He straight-up told me in front of my superiors that I should run their business for them. He then said to me,  “Amanda, You are a HUGE leader in this company.”

The owners of the roofing company have gradually handed me more responsibilities and decision making power over the years, but it wasn’t really until this comment that I realized I had something special…maybe a talent.

So, what is my talent? If I’m totally honest with you, I feel that my natural strengths are management, organization and observation. I enjoy analytical tasks such as strategizing, budgeting, and planning. I often turn situations around to view them in every perspective possible… making my problem solving skills unique, but strong. I also have this weird personal goal… to learn from other’s mistakes. Though I may come off as quiet and sweet in certain settings, my mind is often forthright and loud. I routinely practice biting my tongue. I’m 99% black or white… gray is only a paint color to me. I guess if you combine all of those characteristics together… you could say that God created me to be a Leader. (((And now he is calling me to it!)))

"I'm His servant, but He has called me to lead." -Amanda
“I’m His servant, but He has called me to lead.” -Amanda

I started this blog because moving to Nashville gave me a new ambitious spirit; an ambition to figure out my talents and use them to wholeheartedly serve others and God. So, how does a blog tie into that? Well, this is my first step in leading others in a subject that I know very well: Business. I’m not saying that business will always be where I lead, but it is where I am starting.

This blog will be a resource for small business owners, friends, and entrepreneurs. Faith plays a superior role in both my personal and professional life. That being said, I’m going to share how I balance my faith and relationships while working a highly stressful and demanding job. I will also share with you how I was able to help my friends at the roofing company go from almost out-of-business to a projected three million dollar revenue stream in 2016.

You’ll have access to my “TO NOT DO” lists and some “YOU MUST DO” lists for your small business along with several step-by-step guides in regards to basic marketing, bookkeeping, and management. Don’t forget to check out my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY where you can download helpful documents such as a business launch checklist.

If you are seeing this post today, then you are friend on social media. I have two favors to ask of you:

  1.  Will you pray over this blog, my writings, and my followers? My specific prayer is that God will use me as His vessel to LEAD others to Him through the topics discussed and shared in this blog.
  2. Will you share this post with your followers? Social Media is the fastest way make a blog go viral. 


Feel free to click around. Please comment below with your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for reading this reeeeaaaaaalllllllllllllly long #firstpost. 🙂 

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  1. Wow!! Love it!! I wish we would have help sources like this in my management days!! I hope and pray everyone shares to get this blog out there!! Good job, proud of you!

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