About Me

Hi, my name is Amanda. Some friends call me Manders and others call me Mom. I do not have kids ((yet)) so the latter is sort-of funny to me.

I am new to blogging. However, I’ve been mentally preparing to start this blog for over a year. That probably sounds a little crazy, but I had good intent for waiting. Could I commit to writing each week? Do I have enough to say? What will I be able to write that actually interests other people? Will there be value in my ideas? Do I want my slightly offbeat mind to be exposed? Does God support this idea? After a year of contemplating and praying over those questions… I decided to go for it!

I am married with one dog. “Children” is the word I use when I want to scare my husband into helping out around the house. My husband, Justin, is my constant. He, like Jesus, has unwavering love and support for me. I couldn’t have done this blog without him by my side.

I'm serious when I say that working from home has made me SUPER productive!My full-time gig is running business operations for a successful roofing company in South Florida.

I live in Tennessee, therefore, I work remotely from my home. My setup is sweeeeeet! Sometimes all that sweetness confuses people…they think for some reason or another that I don’t actually work for my earnings. I actually work really REALLY hard and finishing a load of laundry or eating lunch can feel almost impossible some days. Believe it or not… working from home is the most productive choice I ever made.

I would love to throw a lot of accreditation out to somehow prove the concepts that will be shared in this blog. I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, but most of what I will share on this blog comes from personal experience.  This blog will give you a glimpse into how I balance my faith and relationships while working a highly stressful and demanding job. I will also share with you how I was able to help my friends at the roofing company go from almost out of business to a projected three million dollar revenue stream in 2016.

For more insight on WHY I started blogging, check out my launch announcement.