The Uncomfortable Newbie

Amanda Lairsey | The Caffeinated Woman writes on expanding your comfort zone. She says the only way to actually expand it is to step outside of it. Read more on the blog.

What happens to a fish out of water? It dies.   My grandmother took me fishing several times when I was a little girl. She taught me how to hook the worm, cast the reel, and wait patiently in silence until I felt a little “bobbing” of my rod. I remember the first time that I caught a fish… It was… emotional. I was so excited that I finally caught something! I remember jumping up and down while screaming, “I[Read more]

Your Business has a greater purpose

Leah Payne is a photographer, but most importantly... a Christian. I asked her to share about how her faith has impacted her business. Read more on the blog.

Have you ever felt afraid to share your faith? Specifically as business owners, it is easy to worry that a client may not agree with your perspectives and… leave without purchasing. The fear of missing out on the opportunity because of your beliefs is a real struggle for many business owners. However, this week… Leah Payne tells us exactly why sharing our faith and keeping it prevalent will give us a greater purpose while actually pushing us closer to success. I’m[Read more]

The Power of an Email List: A Lesson by Alexis Teichmiller

20 February 2017 / 6:00 PM / Whole Foods Meeting Room ATTENDEES Total #29 Re-Cap of Meeting Agenda Introduction & Define Purpose for Group 60-Second Pep Talk by Tanya Grabbe Attendees introduction Announcements: February was an exciting month for the Nashville Womenpreneurs! We made some HUGE announcement including… We are changing our name to Society of Women Business Owners AND…. a new chapter is forming in Atlanta, Georgia! EEEEEEEK! Meagan and I are so pumped about where God is leading us these days. From[Read more]

Is “Balance” Bogus?

It is time we talked about BALANCE. I’m SO excited about this one, y’all. Lucy Liora Wang is a wife, dog-mommy, and an ex-accountant turned newborn photographer located in Burbank, California. I had the opportunity to connect with Lucy a few months back via a mutual Facebook group. I knew right away that Lucy was passionate about life, Jesus, and her work. So, I asked her to guest blog about that very subject. In this guest post, Lucy tells us[Read more]