meet-up notes 08-15-16

Notes from the August 2016 Womenpreneurs group

Boss Babe Date #3 08/15 15 August 2016 / 6:00 PM / Whole Foods Meeting Room ATTENDEES Total #17 Re-Cap of Meeting Agenda Networking  Introduction & Define Purpose for Group  Attendees introduction  5-Minute Pep Talk by Kendra Ransom Business Focus: Recent Lessons on Business by Amanda Lairsey I am a podcast-lover. I listen to podcasts while I work every day. When Alexis Teichmiller shared her new podcast… I immediately listened. The podcast gave a ton of great advice on running a business plus encouraged[Read more]

The Ugly Truth

Bible Belt Struggles

Ohhhh the Good ol’ Bible belt. Nashville is in that belt. I had a coffee date this afternoon with Allison Hendrickson of Taproot Collective at Frothy Monkey (local shop in downtown Franklin). It was probably one of the best girl dates I’ve had in awhile because we talked about business, relationships, and Jesus; all things that incorporate my heart. She and I both agreed that the Lord meant for us to be friends. YAY! I love new friendships. While in conversation with[Read more]

What I learned in the 1st week of using Instagram Stories

So, what is up with this new Instagram Stories thing??? Read this article to learn more about how it effects your small business.

SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How was THAT for a social media bombshell?!?! Way to go Instagram AKA: Mr. Zuckerberg! I hope you don’t get sued.  Seriously though… could this not have been at a better time? Thank you Instagram (I think…). For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about… Instagram just launched their own version (basically identical version) of Snapchat. Snapchat is the app that everyone under the age of 35 is using to make those silly faces you’ve[Read more]

Tis the season of planner releases #myfavorite

A virtual calendar is only good if you use it WITH a planner. Get organized girlfriend! Here are my favorite planners that are available this year.

EEEEK!!!! I’m so excited for today! I finally get to switch to my NEW planner! I know this is going to sound crazy to those of you who do not enjoy planning, but I’ve been anticipating August 1st for a little over a month. Why??? Because my new planner is awesome and today is the first day in the book! Plus… I’m not going to lie – I have a crazy obsession with paper products: Wrapping paper, cards, planners,[Read more]