A Tribe of Fearless Women

Join a tribe of fearless entrepreneurs who aim to use their God-given talents at pursuing their passions while supporting, inspiring, and empowering one another.

A few weeks ago I sat down with my partner-in-crime, Meagan Newell, to discuss a shirt concept for our Womenpreneurs Meet-Up. (If you don’t already know this… we co-host a women’s business meet-up in Nashville, TN where we lend support and build community to fellow lady entrepreneurs). Meagan and I struggled for several weeks on what to put on the shirts. We talked about “Boss Babe,” “Girl Boss,” “Wake. Pray. Slay.,” “Hustle & Grind,” and pretty much any other way to[Read more]

I’m becoming Amanda Lairsey.

I'm in a state of becoming. I'm becoming who God created me to be, but I have no idea who that woman is just yet. Are you in a state of becoming?

Over the past several months I’ve been asked the same question over and over and OVER again. “Amanda, what is your intention with this blog? Why are you leading a women’s group in Nashville? What are you doing?” Apparently folks can tell I’m up to something… but they are not sure as to what that something is. Well my friend… neither do I. All I know is that I’m in a state of becoming. God is strategic. I love that[Read more]

meet-up notes 09-19-16

Nashville Womenpreneurs Meet Up

Websites with Stephanie Bach  19 September 2016 / 6:00 PM / Whole Foods Meeting Room ATTENDEES Total #24 Re-Cap of Meeting Agenda Introduction & Define Purpose for Group  Attendees introduction  Upcoming Events (See below) Business Focus: Search Engine Optimization for Websites by Stephanie Bach We learned a TON of information from the amazing Stephanie Bach this month. I personally took four pages of notes and have been steadily working on my website ever since the meeting. My mind was seriously blown. After several[Read more]

Stress: The Life of an Entrepreneur

Stress: The Entrepreneur Life

When life hits a hard spot, it is really easy to operate in a funk that is the farthest from who you want to be. Stress has a weird way of bringing out the ugly. The worst part is… stress can come from every direction of life: work, home, health, and relationships. If you’ve got stress coming from those areas, then go grab yourself a large glass of water and a notebook. We are going to dig in and un-stress[Read more]